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Welcome to Quiver Tree Baking!


Here you will find everything that you need to make your bread look, taste and smell that extra bit more special.


At Quiver Tree Baking we take pride in sourcing and supplying quality baking products at affordable pricesto home and professional bakers.


Although our emphasis is on bread making equipment, our range of products is constantly increasing, so keep an eye out for new additions.

​If you own a bakery or you're in the process of setting one up and require larger volumes of our products, please get in touch with us as we do offer very attractive wholesale discounts. 


What's a Quiver Tree?


The Quiver Tree is a species of aloe indigenous to Namibia and South Africa. Its name is derived from the practice of the local San people who hollow out the tree's tubular branches to make quivers for their arrows.



The founder of Quiver Tree Baking, Felix Mendelsohn, grew up in Namibia which has a rich tradition of baking real bread due to the country's historical ties with Germany. Felix started baking from a very young age and has always had a fascination for baking tools and kitchen equipment and the way that they ease and improve the baking process.



Quiver Tree Baking was born out of this love for baking, and just like the San people using what is available to them to make carrying their arrows easier, Quiver Tree Baking aims to make available to fellow bakers the tools necessary for making baking better.