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French Baker's Linen


Also know as couche, baker's linen is an excellent fabric to use with dough as its natural fibres absorb moisture from the dough's surface, resulting in a skin and no sticking to the material.


You can use this linen to cover your proving dough, as a cane banneton liner, or to support and hold the shape of your baguettes and ciabattas during proving.

Have a look at the pictures in the listing for its various uses.


To get the best results from your baker's linen time and again, rub some rye flour into it prior to use. Initially you will have to support the two outer folds with something heavy, like a book. However, after a few uses the material will become stiffer and this may hold the shape on their own.


When finished using it, just shake out the excess flour and hang it up to air dry. Once dry, you can roll or fold it up.


It is best not to wash the linen, but if you must then do so in cold water. Do not use any soap or bleaching agent.