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Proving Baskets


Also known as Brotform, Proofing Baskets or Bannetons.

We believe that every baker, whether at home or in an artisan bakery, should improve their bread by proving it in one of our proving baskets. They have been lovingly hand-crafted from high quality rattan cane and will last a life-time if looked after well.


To get the most out of your banneton dust it lightly with flour (rye works well) before placing the shaped dough into it.

Once proven, gently tip the loaf out and bake as usual. But do not bake the loaf inside the banneton!


After use allow the banneton to air-dry before storing it in a cupboard. After many a use the banneton can be sterilised by placing it for 20 minutes into an oven preheated to 140C. Avoid washing the banneton, instead use a dry brush to remove any excess flour or dough.

We do wholesale discounts for bakeries. Just get in touch by phone or drop us a message.