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How to slice bread properly


A lot of our customers tell us that they spend a lot of time and effort into creating a beautiful loaf, but then falter when it comes to slicing it. We have therefore created this page to offer a few useful tips for slicing your loaves beautifully. Follow these and you will be rewarded with an even slice each and every time:


  • Make sure your bread knife is sharp. It sounds obvious but too many people use blunt knives and thereby force the crust down which squashes the bread.

  • Use a knife with a serrated blade. See our selection of German bread knives, they have been specially designed for this purpose.

  • To cut bread easily and properly, it is ideal to use a bread knife whose blade is at least a quarter longer than the bread is wide. That way you will achieve a clean and unfrayed slice.

  • To cut very fresh bread, it is recommended to cool the blade of the bread knife under cold water. This will aid the slicing and avoid the bread sticking to the blade.

  • If all fails, ask a German friend to do it!


video courtesy of Emil Schmidt

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