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This baker's linen is perfect for supporting baguettes and ciabatta loaves during their final proving. The linen's breathable natural fibres draw moisture away from the dough surface, resulting in a beautiful crust on the finished loaf.

The linen comes with over-stitched edges to prevent any fraying.

Choose from a variety of measurements to suit your needs:
- 45/60cm x 60cm (ideal for 2-3 baguettes)
- 45/60cm x 100cm (ideal for proving a handful of baguettes)
- 45/60cm x 200cm (ideal for a small bakery)
- Please contact us directly if you require a custom measurement.

Baker's Linen (60cm width)

  • Material: 100% natural flax linen Weave: 370g m² Colour: Pale grey Width: 60cm