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This starter was originally created in the San Francisco Bay Area. As such it contains very high levels of lactobacillus sanfranciscensis which gives the starter the characteristic piquant and yeasty smell of San Francisco sourdough bread.

This San Francisco sourdough starter lends itself well to making bread with a thick and crunchy crust and a moist and chewy crumb. 

San Francisco Sourdough Starter

  • This sourdough is fed twice a day and is therefore very active and full of wild yeast. It has a pleasant sweet sour taste and smell. For home use you can keep it in the fridge and feed it only once a week. It is remarkably resilient and will live forever if taken care of properly. You are buying 120 grams of FRESH sourdough starter, posted in a double sealed food-grade plastic bag. Once you’ve received your starter it can be used immediately after you’ve fed it with flour and water.